Pack Outbound Deliveries in 3 Easy Steps with SAP Fiori

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In this post, you will learn how Fiori can boost productivity by 73% in your SAP Digital Supply Chain.

SAP Fiori is the next-gen user experience for your Digital Supply Chain. You can change the way your business runs and experiences SAP by choosing from 12000+ Fiori applications.

Activate Fiori apps for your Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system to boost productivity and efficiency in your SAP users.

Fiori applications are free.

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SAP Fiori : Look and Feel

Before we see our Fiori app in action, let’s first get a look and feel of Fiori.

Fiori Launchpad is the entry point and landing page to display all your Fiori applications.

Fiori is role-based. Launchpads are personalized to display only the applications relevant for the users’ business role.

Browser based login:

Personalized Dashboard, Easy Navigation

Let’s take a look at a simple 3-step process to Pack Outbound Deliveries in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) using Fiori.

Step 1: Choose your Packaging Material

You can configure up to 6 favorite packaging materials in Basic mode. And choose from all available packaging materials in Advanced mode.

Step 2: Input Delivery Number

In this step, you can either scan or type in your Outbound Delivery or HU number that needs packing.

Outbound Deliveries which are non-HU managed, or HUs that must be repacked can be used in our Fiori application.

Step 3: Confirm Material Quantity

After choosing the packaging material and providing the reference number in Steps 1 and 2, the materials present in the Delivery are displayed on the screen. Now, you can start scanning the materials for packing.

You have 2 options :

  1. Pack all materials — using pack all button
  2. Pack partial quantity — scan only the materials you’re packing

For Deliveries with multiple materials, you can scan (even partial quantities) in any order you like!

And that’s it, you have packed the materials in your Outbound Delivery!

How did we achieve 73% productivity?

Traditional SAPgui users use transaction code /SCWM/PACK for Packing. Normally, you need 11–14 clicks to achieve the same task that our Fiori application can deliver in just 3 steps. You achieve 73% faster results!

This simplicity and efficiency is not unique to just this one Fiori application.
Fiori uses a design methodology built to simplify user experience.

This is only one of the 12000+ Fiori applications that simplify your day-to-day SAP experience. Say goodbye to complicated SAPgui screens!

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