Effective solutions to overcome obstacles

We understand the importance of maintaining operational excellence and ensuring success during stressful times.

How organizations respond and maintain standards during challenging times is what leaves enduring impressions – we can help with that.

We are all consumers of some sort of product or service, and therefore, this crisis has the potential to affect us all, if it hasn’t already.

We recognize that we are all #INTHiSToGETHER. To do our part, we have decided to offer discounted rates on COVID-19 focused service packages to help you.

With us, you have an experienced partner at your side to guide you through these trying times.

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  • Crisis Mode

    You need solutions, plans, and action – now.

  • Moving Forward

    You have some breathing room – now it’s critical decision time.

  • Preventative Measures

    You’re ready to make the best strategic decisions – resiliency and longevity are key.

COVID-19 Service Packages

Crisis Mode

These packages were curated with you in mind.  We understand the urgency of the situation, and some of you may be feeling that more than others,  and for you:

You need solutions, plans, and action – now.

Crisis Resource Management

Which parts of your business are the most essential?  If your staff is being overwhelmed, due to decreased personnel or increased demand, which areas are the most important to focus on?

Included in this package to help you identify those essential parts and ensure they keep running:

  • Shift model and staffing optimization
  • Interim Project Leadership and Management
  • Crisis “War gaming” workshop
  • Special skillset talent augmentation solutions

Critical Business Insight Tool Development

Data provides you with key insights to empower educated decision making. Businesses are now, more than ever, realizing the necessity for accurate and timely data analysis.

Included in this package to help you design tools to organize and understand your data:

  • Crisis inventory slotting prioritization
  • “Dashboard” tools for data visualization
  • Supply Chain disruption analysis
  • ABC analysis
  • Processing time benchmarking

SAP logistics developer/project support

Being able to understand what your business is telling you is more important now than ever.  We have the experts who can quickly help you get there.

Included in this package to help you integrate SAP or maintain your operational excellence:

  • SAP system health check
  • SAP quick-wins improvements
  • SAP expert on-demand talent
  • System design and assessments

Operations Improvement Quick-wins Workshop

Whether you want to keep the solutions you currently have, or are interested in exploring upgrades, this package will give you industry best practices and insight to quickly optimize your operation.

Included in this package to help you improve:

  • Agile Short-term Crisis Strategy development
  • Immediate action process adjustments
  • Process improvement pathway
  • ROI calculations and projections
  • Concept designs for expansion and growth

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and mitigating threats to an organization. As one of the most vital aspects to weathering the current storm, it is imperative that companies develop and implement risk management correctly.

Included in this package, we will help you manage risk:

  • Shift model and staffing optimization
  • Interim Project Leadership and Management
  • Crisis “War gaming” workshop
  • Special skillset talent augmentation solutions

Moving Forward

Your business has survived the toughest times, the curve is flattening, or maybe you have made the right choices and bought yourself some breathing room.  These packages are designed for you.  You have some time to invest in the best way forward:

it’s critical decision time

Ramp-up Planning

You have survived through the hardest times. Now it’s critical that you are prepared to capitalize on the surge in demand.

This package will provide you with the crucial talent, planning, and leadership to ensure you are prepared:

  • Experienced project managers
  • Strategy planners to develop a short-term course of action
  • Ramp-up planning workshops
  • Scenario analysis and modeling for future demand

Business Intelligence Tools

There are lessons to be learned from every crisis. In this case, maybe the most important lesson is realizing the need to better understand what your business is telling you.

With this package we will help you develop those critical insight and prediction tools:

  • Real-time visibility assessments
  • SAP Dashboards
  • Data modeling and analytics
  • KPI development
  • Extended operations assessment remote support

Supply Chain Modeling

How do you make your supply chain more resilient? How do you reduce the cost of supply chain disruptions in the future?

With this package, we will help you design and model various supply chain scenarios to help you be more agile and flexible:

  • Complete supply chain assessment
  • Network flexibility evaluation, and scenario development
  • Digital Twin for Distribution Center
  • Reshoring study
  • Make or buy decision matrix

Preventative Measures

You have learned some valuable lessons. Now you might be thinking it’s time to make some changes, time to improve.  We’ve developed packages to help you make the best decisions moving forward:

You’re ready to make the best strategic decisions – resiliency and longevity are key.

Industry 4.0 Real-time Visibility

Understanding what our businesses and operations are trying to tell us is more relevant now than ever.  Being able to instantly query and analyze data, and transform it into decision making information is critical.  The main focus of this package will be implementing industry 4.0 and IoT into your current or future operations.

We will also help you combine lean production and operational excellence methods to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and resiliency.

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Factory and Production Planning

Whether now is the time to start building, expanding, or optimizing your current facilities to respond to current events, we will provide a full-service package from planning to implementation.  These methods will also include the use of lean production concepts and operational excellence practices. Our experienced team of experts will support you in this critical time of zero-fail decision making.

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Networking Study

In order to be agile and resilient, we have to continuously re-evaluate our supply networks and strategies.  Our supply chain designers develop network strategies and are experts in optimizing transportation costs, and strategic inventory allocation. Data-driven and tool-based, we help you determine the optimal setup for the supply and value chain.  With this package, we will help you conduct a thorough investigation of your network and help you determine the best way forward.

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Operational Excellence

The best methods come from the most trying times.  These times have provided us with no shortage of methods to test.  It’s now time to consolidate and evaluate what worked and what didn’t.  What should we keep, what should we improve.  Our experts are well versed in strategic and operational challenges and our supply chain and material handling experts work hand-in-hand with our IT process specialists to set up world-leading innovations across wide-ranging industries.  These teams will help you in determining the best practices moving forward.

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Warehouse Digital Transformation

After all, digital transformation always has to contribute to your goals in terms of productivity, quality, speed, flexibility, and transparency. The methodologies of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are approaches to solve all of these challenges.

Our solutions, as well as the tools and technology we use, are ever-evolving to remain ahead of the curve. We fully integrate augmented reality, 3D-visualization, and data-mining into our standard project approach and methodology.

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Project Risk Management

At this point, any project will require detailed planning, exceptional coordination, and decisive leadership.  With this package, we offer you all of the above and more.  We understand this is a critical time for the future of your company, and we will strive to reduce or eliminate risk and ensure the success of your next project.

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