Target-oriented project management

Cost, time, performance – paramount criteria for project success as deadlines are dependent on their complex interdependencies. io-group’s project managers keep these factors under control.

For quality and stakeholder satisfaction, clients benefit from io-Group’s wealth of project experience.

From requirements analysis to ramp-up support, our project management team consists of professional support and holistic consulting. Above all, we consider business processes and systems as a whole.

Our project management at a glance

Whether you are planning a new logistics or production facility, io-group will contribute our expertise to ensure your project is successfully completed within the constraints of cost, time and performance.

  • Our project managers assume responsibility and adhere to the defined schedule, budget, and contractual obligations.
  • Our effective risk management effectively and timely reacts to obstacles.
  • Our active communication between between not only core project members but also with external stakeholders ensures project success.

IT project management for WMS, MFC and MES

Our IT project management team identifies and summarizes customer requirements into a specification sheet, then analyzes and selects the appropriate software solutions for warehouse management systems (WMS), warehouse control systems (WCS), warehouse execution system (WES), and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

With our sound expertise in IT material handling, along with factory design and planning, we manage all essential interfaces and coordination between:

  • Respective business and IT department

  • Client and external software implementers

  • Software implementers and facilities supplier

  • Client’s central corporate and any involved business units

Successful project management

Digital transparency: io-group’s project portal

To achieve high transparency, io-group implements a project-specific communication structure. At io-group, we use our own long-term proven Project Portal.

Your project management, therefore, benefits from a sophisticated authorization system with convincing advantages:

  • Individualized information required for each project participant
  • Individual use for projects of varying complexity
  • Assurance of a structured and efficient project workflow
  • Integrated meeting minutes, task and appointment management
  • Document storage
  • Assurance of the required information flow between project participants

More than project management

Our experience at your service

io-group offers services that keep the ‘big picture’ in mind

Our clients benefit from our detailed technical focus on optimal processes as well as our comprehensive approach to consulting.

This means that we offer you not only integrated project management services, but also technical support and consulting with a trained eye for all logistics and production processes to help you achieve your goals. Our services include:

  • Minimization of project risks
  • Securing high-quality outcomes
  • Timely measures to ensure adherence to project schedules and budgets
  • Stakeholder satisfaction

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