Factory Design

Whether it’s building, expanding, or optimizing sustainable factories, io-group provides the full service chain from planning to implementation, with the use of lean production and operational excellence methods. Our experienced team of experts will support you across all industries, manufacturers, and disciplines.

With the upmost reliability for quality, schedules, and costs, io‑group ensures one-source factory design services.

We assist companies with site concepts, production,  logistics design, and process optimization in complex production networks. We consistently produce accessible results, i.e. future-proof facilities in line with the defined schedule and budget.

Project Success

When planning new production facilities and plant structures, companies are faced with high investments, accompanied by high risks for operational business and corporate development targets; however, io-group guarantees project success as an experienced and professional partner.

We have been providing customers around the world holistic solutions for functional industrial planning, for more than 60 years.

Today, you can benefit from our unique, long-time specialization in planning and implementing factories and logistics centers.

Methods & Tools

Time-tested methods and reliable tools for factory design

Over the years we have gained an appreciation for the importance of adaptability when planning facilities to secure corporate development. Therefore, we factor in flexible expansion options during the concept phase for sustainable solutions based on sound, cutting-edge expertise, time tested methods, and the use of state-of-the-art tools.

Our efficient and customized project processing encompasses:

  • Value stream analysis and value stream design
  • Process engineering methods
  • MTM (Methods Time Measurement)
  • Custom-developed tools for the dimensioning of warehouse and buffer systems (e.g. Kanban/supermarket layouts)
  • Custom-developed tools for the dimensioning of material transport systems (e.g. FTS, tugger trains, etc.)
  • Layout planning (block layout, 3D models, CAD)
  • Shop floor management methods
  • Acceptance and claim management templates
  • Customized project management (cost monitoring, scheduling, log management, OPL)

Integrated Solutions for Pharma & Biotech

io-consultants provides innovative concepts for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with a focus on key technologies, such as single-use, continuous manufacturing, and containment. Our process technology and pharmaceutical design experts cooperate experienced and proven teams with their peers in the relevant disciplines – architecture and construction, IT, automation and logistics – to deliver a successful planning and implementation process. By integrating the required competencies and know-how, we ensure seamless coordination between the various parties and efficient project teams across all planning and implementation phases.

Our focus on new technologies, such as containment solutions and single-use technologies ensures that we consistently provide our clients with cutting-edge concepts and solutions.

Production Optimization

The requirements for production logistics and provision work centers ensure smooth processes that are constantly growing. These processes include increasing product variety, up to a lot size of 1, and a demand-synchronous production that requires the supply of materials at the precise time and in the correct quantity.

io-consultants supports you in the planning and implementation of a stream-lined material flow – from the raw material storage, through the manufacturing and assembly production processes, to the finished goods warehouse.

We are a competent partner for our customers in the optimization of their complex material flows in all areas of production. We strive to implement reliable and timely available materials, while keeping inventories as low as possible.

We develop customized solutions for optimal production supply based on your individual goals and requirements by following a basic analysis of your current situation. The goal is to develop an integrated, future-proof concept that is specifically coordinated to the customer’s needs.

Integrated Plant Structure Planning

With experience in production, logistics, architecture, and IT, io-group combines all expertise for integrated plant structure planning.

No matter if you need brownfield expansion, greenfield planning, or optimization, we will help you set up the most suitable business case and create a basis to make your decisions on long-term investments.

We want to generate the best site development plans with the future in mind to ensure maximum flexibility and expansion options.

We coordinate strategic alignment and goals together with you in the scope of a master plan.

We develop the basis of pending plans by defining assumptions and requirements from all areas of market, technology, product, and site.

Value Stream Design

Value-added processes are the primary focus of manufacturing facilities. That’s why together with you, we develop a sustainable and future-proof concept in the value-stream-based approach. This will not only look at production and logistics, it will also evaluate all space-determining function areas that are needed to operate the facility.

Parallel to value-stream planning, our architects generate multiple Site-Reactions drawings, demonstrating different set-ups of the site on a high level. This is based on traffic routes, the shape and geological attributes of the plot of land, and your existing facilities (in brown-field planning). In an ‘Integrated-Planning’ workshop, the architectural perspective and the process-view are combined into multiple master-plan concepts. Our White Paper „Factory Expansion at Existing Site“ shows a project example in the brownfield environment.

In order to ensure high planning and investment safety, we create a cost framework (according to DIN 276) to supplement the quality evaluation in the plant structure plans. For the sake of an integrated, consistent and overall transparent budget, it is important to us that we combine all planning services in a central location and that the individual items are coordinated with each other. This permits a well-founded basis for a decision of further planning phases during the concept planning stage already.

io-consultants makes use of many years of experience in the planning and implementation of complex industrial projects.

Industry 4.0 & IoT

Our services utilize many methods within the context of Industry 4.0. We provide state of the art approaches with our interdisciplinary team, our exchange with academic research, and our own company developments. Our experience covers everything from data-driven methods, to approaches of visualization, to quality-related evaluation. The most important methods include:

  • Determination of Industry 4.0 maturity
  • Technology selection and assessment
  • Ideation / design thinking
  • Development of industry 4.0 strategy and roadmap
  • Data mining
  • Process mining
  • Virtual reality
  • Simulation

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