Logistics Planning

Life cycle supply chain 4.0 consulting

At io-group, we provide comprehensive consulting, planning and design services for the entire supply and value chain. Our experts are well versed in strategic and operational challenges. Our supply chain and material handling experts work hand-in-hand with our IT process specialists to set up world leading innovations across wide ranging industries, such as after sales, E-commerce, fashion, and food.

Whether in the optimization or expansion of existing distribution centers, or the planning and design of new facilities, we provide meticulous supply chain and material flow concepts. We consider the corporate global supply chain as well as internal material flows at individual sites.

Optimization Excellence

Sustainable logistics strategies for existing and new logistics centers. We deliver reliable logistics planning that integrates your key requirements into an efficient and sustainable supply chain. Let us help you overcome the following challenges:

  • Optimization of warehouse and delivery performance
  • Increase ability to accommodate dynamic customer needs
  • Establish agile, scalable and efficient logistics processes
  • Selection of warehouse and material flow technology
  • 100 percent adherence to budgets and schedules

Thus, io-group creates a sustainable foundation for stable and high-performance logistics to ensure long-term corporate success.

Distribution Center Design and Implementation

From brief studies to large-scale projects, we offer SCM consulting and planning for the utmost efficiency in every project. Whether you are looking for direct-to-consumer e-commerce fulfilment, or B2B wholesale or omni-channel solution, we have the industry experience from implementing many warehouses and distribution centers. As an independent consulting company, we provide un-biased advice, comprehensive planning, and multiple design capabilities founded from our experience in implementing warehouses and distribution centers.

Together with our IT experts and factory designers, our distribution center designers take a holistic approach to develop streamlined solutions geared towards efficiency.

Whether in the optimization of existing systems or the development of whole new facilities and buildings, we provide meticulous supply chain and material flow concepts that are always under consideration of the corporate global supply chain, as well as internal material flows at individual logistics sites.

Our cornerstones for practice-oriented, demand-driven benchmark solutions for supply chain requirements:

  • 60 years of experience in logistics for purchasing, production, distribution, and spare parts
  • State-of-the-art methods
  • Extensive range of self-developed and time-tested tools
  • Holistic project management
  • Unbiased knowledge of the market

Site Selection

We guide you through the selection of potential countries and the evaluation of specific properties and existing buildings when you plan a new site. We derive a customized requirement profile for your company, including strategic goals, operational requirements, and other determining factors for your distribution or manufacturing operation. Based on this, potential target countries and regions will be compared by quantitative and qualitative factors including availability of qualified workers, transport costs, times to delivery, personnel costs, and which type of transport or infrastructure.

The next step is filing requests for properties or existing buildings in the target region, and evaluating the offers and shortlisting the best. We closely cooperate with local partners and the respective economic development boards or foreign Chambers of Commerce.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the market, product and technology requirements in the upcoming years
  • Center of Gravity analysis based on the distribution and supplier structures
  • Comparison of the soft factors and unit cost differences
  • Evaluation of existing buildings and properties

Outsourcing and 3PL selection

Within our 3PL practice we offer strategic assessments to evaluate the unique benefits and inherent risks of utilizing a third party to operate segments of your supply chain. We combine qualitative assessments with comparative analysis of internal operating cost versus expected external cost for your unique processes and operations.

We factor in one-time cost and help you assess and mitigate implementation risk. Our experts develop pricing models for your operation and do not stop at strategic recommendations: we help you implement the selected strategy with requests for information, bid packages, and full 3PL selection. We are your trusted partner and advisor throughout the implemenation to ensure a smooth go-live.

Digital Transformation of the Warehouse

After all, digital transformation always has to contribute to your goals in terms of productivity, quality, speed, flexibility and transparency. The methodologies of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are approaches to solve all of these challenges. io-group specializes in specific Industry 4.0 solutions to create added value for our clients.

Our solutions as well as the tools and technology we use are ever evolving to remain ahead of the curve. We fully integrate augmented reality, 3D-visualization and data-mining into our standard project approach and methodology.

Automation and Technology Assessment

io-group is required to rethink material handling and distribution center solutions due to growing markets, an increase of customer requirements, combined with the limitations of the labor market (labor shortage). Whether your interest in technology and automation is driven year after year by growth, or the realization that previously installed systems and equipment may have reached their limits, io-group offers a qualitative and quantitative assessment on existing operations.

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