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io-DigitalSolutions develops customized solutions to extend your SAP landscape and optimize your organization’s business processes along with the entire supply and value chain process. Compliance with SAP development standards is as much our focus as ensuring that the provided a solution that is always ready for release and SAP HANA ready.

Get the most out of your SAP Suite – with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform or in the Digital Core

Our solutions are always based on the latest SAP technology, with a focus on excellent user experience with user-friendly interfaces and technologies. Our in-house quality assurance team ensures that no matter what we develop, it is always tested and fully documented before delivery. Numerous successful audits conducted by our clients, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, are testimonies to the high-quality standards at io-DigitalSolutions.

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Our Add-On Solutions

Locate & Share

The Locate & Share Suite enables location-based business for a wide range of applications. An innovative collection of IoT solutions makes location-based data usable for SAP processes. Locate & Share can be accessed via a cloud platform, is device-independent, and available as an app or web application for further processing and analysis.


  • Vehicle/tour tracking & documentation
  • Order management
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Documentation via photo and signature
  • Device-independent; app or web application
  • IoT scenarios


easyTrack for SAP ERP offers a flexible planning environment with a wide range of functions to ensure optimal results. The integrated tour planning board provides a quick overview of resource allocation. easyTrack’s freight capacity optimization function aids the planning process by showing the level of vehicle capacity utilization. Calculation of freight costs is another integral feature and comes in useful in freight carrier selection.

  • Interactive, digital map view (ideal for 2 monitor operation)
  • Both manual and automatic route planning and optimization
  • Determination of miles, times required, costs, road toll, and CO2 emissions
  • Consideration of driving hours and rest periods regulations
  • Planning of combined collecting and distribution tours/loads
  • Multi-depot planning and additional planning scenarios
  • Intelligent tour stops
  • Integrated freight capacity optimization

Load Optimization

Optimization of Load & Freight Units

io-DigitalSolutions easyLoad is a state-of-the-art add-on solution for efficiently planning and optimizing load and freight units as well as pallet loads.

 easyLoad offers utmost flexibility and can be perfectly customized to the customers’ requirements. The solution processes any relevant criteria and integrates all required data.

An optimum result at the click of a button! Ideally, the results of a route planning software such as easyTrack should be an integral part of the optimization process.

All relevant parameters involved are integrated in the calculations: dimensions of the freight packages, position, stackability, load height, etc. as well as restrictions such as customer-specific requirements and data (SAP packing instruction). Your freight for shipping will be arranged in the most favourable way and order.

Our Software Development Services

io-DigitalSolutions applies our expertise to solve challenges related to optimizing your logistics processes with SAP ERP and/or SAP S/4HANA:

  • Customer-specific adaptations and extensions of the SAP standard for all SAP solutions
  • Development of SAP add-ons and stand-alone applications based on SAP ERP, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and in SAP S/4HANA
  • Interface developments: SAP to SAP, non-SAP to SAP, XML/SOAP web services
  • Development of SAP Fiori applications
  • Form development with SAPScript©, Smart Forms©, Adobe Interactive Forms
  • Support in creating technical and functional specifications for applications

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