FAQ about the application

How do I apply to io? ×

Please upload your complete application documents (cover letter, resume, references). In order for us to get a full overview of your competencies, we ask that you send us all relevant (work) references. Because we focus on people, we would also appreciate a cover letter in which you can explain the reasons for your application. After sending your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Your application will then be reviewed by both our recruiting team and the relevant department.

Can I apply for multiple job postings? ×

We review your application and also look at which of our teams you can best contribute your qualifications and skills to.
Our first interview also serves as a get-to-know-you meeting - here we also check whether other positions might be a good fit.
You are also welcome to send us an speculative application.

Are speculative applications possible? ×

You are welcome to send us an speculative application! You will find the " speculative application" button at the end of our job offer page.

How important is knowledge of the German language? ×

Most of our customers are spread across the DACH region. Therefore, good to very good German language skills are important for many of our vacancies.
You can find the specific (language) requirements in the respective job descriptions.

I am interested in a position that has been advertised for some time. Is the advertisement still current? ×

We are growing continuously, which is why some of our vacancies are advertised throughout the year. All the positions you find on our careers page are current and we look forward to receiving your application!

What entry date can I use as a guide? ×

Most of our positions are available immediately. We are, of course, guided by the individual availability of our applicants.

Who can I address my cover letter to? ×

Please feel free to address your cover letter to Ann Christin Zimmermann from our recruiting team.

How long does it take to hear back about my application? ×

As a rule, you will receive feedback from us within two weeks.

FAQ about the job interview

How should I dress for the job interview? ×

Our dress code is casual business. Feel free to come however you feel most comfortable.

Are travel costs to the job interview reimbursed? ×

Yes, we will reimburse your travel expenses. You will receive a travel expense reimbursement form with your invitation to the interview. You are welcome to submit this to us after the interview.

What is the hiring process usually like? ×

Our recruiting team screens your application documents.
If necessary, we will invite you to a short phone call to get to know each other and clarify any open questions.
If you have convinced us with your application documents in the first step, a first interview will take place via teams. We use this conversation to check our mutual expectations and to learn more about your motivation. The interview is usually attended by one person from the HR team and one or two people from the relevant specialist department.
In the final step, we arrange a second interview on site at the relevant office.

FAQ for pupils & students

What traineeships are available at io? ×

Traineeship as a draftsman (f/m/d) 
Traineeship as an IT specialist for application development (f/m/d) 
Traineeship as an IT specialist for system integration (f/m/d) 

Where are the vocational schools for apprentices located? ×

Vocational school for IT specialists (f/m/d):
Gottlieb Daimler School 1 
Neckarstrasse 22 
71065 Sindelfingen, Germany  

Vocational school for draftsmen (f/m/d):
Johannes Gutenberg School 
Wieblinger Weg 24/7 
69115 Heidelberg 

When does apprenticeship start at io? ×

The apprenticeships always start on 01 September.

What dual degree programs does io offer? ×

DHBW studies in computer science.

Which dual university does io work with? ×

io works together with the dual university in Stuttgart.

When does the dual study program at io start? ×

When does the dual study program at io start?

The dual study program always starts on 01 October.

Does io offer internships for students? ×

We offer internships in almost all departments with a minimum duration of 3 months.
You can find our job postings for internships via the Career tab under Job Postings with the filter "Students".
If you cannot find a suitable job posting for an internship, we would also be happy to receive your speculative application.

How many hours can I work as a working student at io? ×

As a working student, you can work for us up to 20h/week. During the lecture-free period, this number of hours can be increased. You are welcome to explain in your cover letter how many hours you would like to work for us. 

Can I write my thesis at io? ×

You are welcome to write your bachelor or master thesis with us. We offer professional supervision and interesting input. We are happy to help you find a topic. Your own ideas are also welcome.

How do I have to take out health insurance as a working student or do a voluntary internship? ×

With most health insurance companies, you must insure yourself if your income exceeds 470 euros per month. With an income of less than 470 euros, you can usually remain in your parents' family insurance.

How many vacation days am I entitled to as a working student or intern? ×

You are entitled to two vacation days per month (calculated over 12 months).