Efficient production and logistics processes for mechanical engineering and plant construction

More than ever, mechanical and plant engineering companies need to respond to increasingly individual customer requirements. Ensuring short delivery times and efficient production and logistics processes and structures are key to meeting the market challenges.


Our industry-specific services:

  • Examination of the current technology and system landscape, identification of potential and solutions for automation, assistance systems and co-bots
  • Strategy development plans for smart factories
  • Make-or-buy analyses
  • Assembly planning and optimization
  • Planning and optimizing pre-assemblies, parts production and (spare parts) logistics
  • Development of highly automated process chains, including risk assessments
  • Networking with various customer systems (e.g. SAP MES / SAP EWM MFS)

Added value

Vendor-independent expertise in production, logistics and IT


Holistic view of the supply and production network


Our Lead Consulting // plus approach ensures smooth operations across all interfaces


Reliable solutions along the entire mechanical and plant engineering manufacturing process


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Dr. Frank Czaja
Business Unit Manager Logistics
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Tobias Herwig
Business Unit Manager Factory Design