Operational Excellence: Holistic optimization of production, logistics and IT

We are at your side to support you in implementing your optimization measures on time and on budget. An important part of our philosophy for sustainably successful operational excellence projects is to involve your workforce and generate their enthusiasm about the defined methods at an early stage.

Installation of stacker cranes during operation at our client Häfele

Installation of the stacker cranes during operation at our client Häfele in Nagold.

Added value

Transparency across all structures and processes of the supply and value chain, production, and the logistics center results in long-term overall performance improvement

Optimum level of automation for physical and administrative processes defined


Support in controlling complex production processes and small batch sizes


Reduced throughput and idle times as well as enhanced product and process quality for greater economic efficiency


How we work

Goal definition

  • Define the principal goals
  • Derive specific individual goals and key figures to measure project success
  • Compile strategic and external framework conditions

Initial situation analysis

  • Document existing processes and structures in detail
  • Perform a data-driven analysis
  • Determine level of maturity
  • Benchmarking (external and internal)

Solution development

  • Identify quick wins
  • Jointly identify and develop viable solutions and new approaches
  • Describe most promising optimization concepts in detail
  • Review the technical and organizational feasibility

Business case and implementation

  • Provide economic evaluation of the solutions
  • Create an implementation plan
  • Provide decision-making support
  • Implement optimization measures

Core competencies in operational excellence

Optimization of the supply and value chain ×

Our work results in robust and responsive supply chains as well as cost- and transport-optimized network structures. We use methodical approaches to coordinate flows of goods and information to even out capacity fluctuations across the entire network.


  • Strategically planned production and logistics networks
  • Strategies for procurement protocols and a sound basis prepared for make-or-buy decision-making
  • Supplier management: analysis and selection of suppliers, integrated material and information flow, supplier development
  • Digitalization of transport management and cross-plant synchronization of production, warehouse and transport, particularly in SAP environments

Production optimization ×

We consistently align our procedures and structures to the value-adding processes. Our team of experts analyze and optimize your production process as a whole system. This begins by making the system transparent for production staff and management alike. We help you minimize wastage to achieve maximum product and process quality. io takes a holistic approach, combining lean management and Six Sigma practices with innovative data mining methods.


  • Comprehensive value stream analysis and system improvement through value stream design
  • Implementation of shop floor management and development as required
  • Product and process quality improvements using Six Sigma methods
  • Data and process mining utilization to optimize production
  • Enhanced plant efficiency by optimizing setup times and applying Total Productive Maintenance

Optimization of intralogistics ×

Optimizing processes in intralogistics can counterbalance fluctuating order loads and reduce stock inventories. Improved transparency of processes and resources also facilitates more efficient staff allocation. Ensuring reliable supplies to and disposals from various functional areas improves overall performance. This shortens delivery times and improves delivery quality, thus sustainably improving customer satisfaction.


  • Optimization of stock inventories and improved throughput
  • Demand-driven supplies and disposals introduced with contemporary means of transportation
  • Modernization of manual and automatic warehouse systems
  • Evaluation of logistics service providers performance
  • Introduction of a logistics dashboard
  • AI-based system load and staff allocation forecasting models

Innovation and digitalization ×

We utilize IT solutions to improve production, logistics and the supply chain, thus helping you align material flows and processes. Optimizing existing IT systems, control technologies and digital process flows will generate higher productivity and better quality. Besides improving various target values, we design clear roadmaps and modernization plans for your company and will help you identify and successfully apply relevant Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence methodologies.


  • End-to-end process digitalization
  • Automatic collection and real-time evaluation of key figures, and subsequent integration and virtualization utilizing the io Operations Management tool
  • Development of AI-based forecasting models
  • Modernization plans for IT and SAP systems
  • Customized Industry 4.0 and innovation roadmaps

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