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The role of master planning in the initial feasibility studies and planning stages of the development of both green-field and existing production facilities is vital today, as the economics of effective land and resource management play increasingly important roles in company and regional development strategies. Careful selection of appropriate cost-effective local materials and contractor sourcing, design simplifications, and clear detailing are all vital, but the solution already starts in the initial stages where intelligent master planning optimizes the use of existing buildings and infrastructure, shortens or simplifies routes, and reduces the overall need for new built volume for the required output.

New developments need not be halted, rather encouraged, but in a much more intelligent way. A strong master plan, phasing strategy, and cost basis provide your company with the confidence and security to grow into the future. We aim to help your company celebrate Architecture for Industry rather than having to apologize for it. Whether greenfield, brownfield or existing facility, with our broad scope of experience, we deliver market-leading solutions to ensure that each step you take fits within a clearly defined, phased, costed, and agreed strategy.

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