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Our support to our clients starts with the process, from the initial feasibility study through to master planning, construction planning and right up to implementation.

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We offer comprehensive lead consulting services and planning trades from a single source. In this sense, our "Integrated Building Design" approach encompasses all technical, organizational and also economic services required for implementation.

In our project work, we also focus on a clear concept and our own architectural and sustainable philosophy in the field of Architecture for Industry.

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Architects and engineers develop these together in interdisciplinary teams, creating individual concepts to suit our clients’ precise needs – across all service phases.

Let us for a moment, compare a building or production facility to the human form. We have a skeleton (the framework/ structure) which gives us our rigidity and stability whilst allowing us to flex, move, grow and adapt to our needs and environment. We have organs (processes, building services, support functions) which animate us, power us take in life-giving energy, remove waste, allow us to think, process, produce things and alter our future. We have our skin (roof/ façade) which protects us from our environment as well as aiding in keeping us warm, cool, waterproofed and allows us to breath to keep us fit.

Jeremy Hotchkiss Partner at io
Jeremy Hotchkiss Design Lead and Partner at io | Architecture

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With io you work with the most modern equipment and current tools.


As an architect, having the opportunity to develop solutions and design new facilities while working directly with the decision makers of these firms is exciting and presents exciting new architectural opportunities. Having a robust team of experts as in-house colleagues in the various disciplines of the industrial sector provides us with real-time feedback that enables us to think big while creating optimized solutions tailored specifically for our clients needs.

Jennifer Harmon Senior Consultant | Architecture

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We synergize intelligent building design with an individual process landscape. Our sustainable architectural planning leads to the highest product quality and increased economic efficiency.

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Markus Seidel’s role as an architect involves him in planning and realizing large industrial building projects.

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I like alternating between my desk and the construction site. It’s great to see the buildings we designed using Building Information Modeling (BIM) come to life on the construction site.

io Architect Markus Seidel
Markus Seidel Senior Consultant | Architecture
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