New production and logistics site in Leipheim

The current location in Ulm formed the hub of BRITAX’s European production network. The new building comprises around 18,000 square meters including office space and a new, modern development and test center. Located near the previous BRITAX site in Ulm, it offers numerous flexible usage options.

The new premises were necessary as the previous facilities had reached peak capacity. The constantly expanding product portfolio of the famous Britax and Britax Römer brands urgently called for additional office, production and warehouse space.


Production islands were previously spread over three different floors. Production at the new premises will all be at the same level, making the entire process much more efficient.

Ronny Braem European Operations Director, Britax

Key Facts


BRITAX RÖMER Kindersicherheit GmbH is a leading manufacturer in the field of child safety and mobility for children. BRITAX RÖMER has been developing and manufacturing child seats, strollers and accessories in Germany since 1966.

The challenge

Total replanning of production and logistics to ensure the necessary flexibility for the future, i.e., to cope with considerable seasonal fluctuations in unit numbers and a significant increase in product variance.


  • Provide demand-oriented material to on-site ‘supermarkets’
  • Introduction of cyclic production supply with tugger trains
  • Flexible U-line production
  • Low space requirements in the finished goods shipping area due to pick-to-belt system

Efficient alignment of production

Putting production on the ground level has substantially simplified the intralogistics processes. Production islands will be supplied with raw materials on-demand, through on-site ‘supermarkets’, and U-lines in assembly and flexible staff rotas will help adapt production to seasonal fluctuations. A focus on flexibility and low space requirements also in the finished goods shipping area will guarantee consistent delivery times to the customer, irrespective of order volumes. Pick-to-belt picking from flow pallet racks will ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Child car seats will continue to be produced in Germany after the company’s move, which is an important quality claim for BRITAX RÖMER.