Master planning for new production and logistics capacities

Sirio recently acquired a key property in Shantou, China, that lies directly in front of their existing headquarters office and production facility and asked io to develop a masterplan to integrate a new program with an existing facility.

This new land acquisition provided the opportunity to create a welcoming new presence for Sirio that is modern, sleek, and representational of the brand and mission while also providing the chance to expand production and logistics capacities.

3D animation of the new headquarters of Sirio

The new architecture of the headquarters building takes its appearance of a small city of buildings. In fact, there are only two, one that is occupied with administrative functions and the second, larger building which serves as a more civic oriented facility.

Key Facts


SIRIO Pharma is a leading global nutraceutical contract development and manufacturing organization, specialized in developing and manufacturing products including soft gels, gummies, tablets and more.


  • Creating a cohesive brand experience that serves both public and VIP visitors
  • Developing a high-performance façade while retaining a sleek aesthetic and design
  • Building in a location with strong hurricane force winds


  • Creating two buildings: a civic and a public oriented facility
  • Implementing design elements that were inspired by Sirio's products
  • Constructing a sleek façade that can perform under intense solar conditions while avoiding add-on materials or elements that could be damaged in strong winds

This project embodies our architectural approach of "Thinking Big" while elegantly developing meaningful and efficient solutions for functional requirements.

Picture Jennifer Harmon
Jennifer Harmon M. Arch. & Design Lead Architektur

Inspired by the product

The architecture was inspired by the products that Sirio produces. Cues from the transparency of soft gels to the opacity and texture of tablets offered inspiration for the architectural treatment of the façade. Using a limited palette of materials (quelled from traditional Chinese construction) in various combinations enabled the illusion of a small city to be created. Despite the 27,000 m² area, the new headquarters looks, feels, and operates more sympathetically to the human scale.

Additionally live bamboo was introduced as an actual architectural material, utilized for enclosing exterior spaces, creating green spaces within the administrative building itself, offering cooling shade and sun protection for office spaces and softening an otherwise harsh industrial environment.