Modernisation of the existing logistics

With almost 100 years of company history, Häfele can already look back on many changes and milestones. With the modernization of the logistics site in Nagold, the next step forward is in the starting blocks.

io has been supporting Häfele since 2017 with logistics optimization, the expansion of the building structures and the associated IT landscape, as well as the design of its European strategy.

Project milestones

Development of the European Strategy ×

Häfele's dispatch centre in Nagold reached its capacity limits with the forecast requirements. Therefore, in 2017, io analyzed the existing logistics structures in Europe together with Häfele as part of a strategy development and developed a network analysis taking into account the identified market potentials. In the process, it was determined how the future expectations of logistics (growth, increasing customer expectations regarding delivery times and service levels, modernization of technology) can be covered by the network.

As a result, among other things, the need for an additional location in northern Germany was determined, which has relieved the dispatch centre in Nagold to date.

Rollout SAP EWM ×

For the additional warehouse near Hanover, io carried out the detailed logistical planning, tendering, implementation and start-up support as lead consultant in 2018. Furthermore, io took over the project management and the tenant construction representation as well as the creation of a globally usable template for SAP EWM for manual warehouses.

The warehouse in northern Germany is primarily designed for fast order throughput. A compact multi-order container picking system minimizes walking distances and reduces complexity.

Conversion in the existing building ×

In 2018, io started preparations for the new construction of the fourth high-bay warehouse in the northern part of the Nagold site, which was commissioned in early summer 2022. Future expansion possibilities were taken into account in the planning. All measures were carried out during ongoing operations without affecting Häfele's ability to deliver. This was ensured by detailed migration planning.


Expansion in the south ×

In 2019, io started planning the expansion in the south of the Nagold site on the Wolfsberg. A high-tech building complex is being constructed there that will create new logistics and production capacities as well as provide modern and sustainable jobs. Recyclable materials as well as a fire-fighting water cistern and green roofs ensure sustainable compensation of emissions.


Key Facts


Häfele GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Nagold, south-west Germany, is a leading international specialist in furniture fitting technologies, electronic locking systems and LED lights. Founded in 1923, the family business today serves clients from over 150 countries worldwide.

The challenge

  • Increasing customer expectations with regard to delivery times and service levels
  • Integration of new warehouse buildings and process design into existing building and logistical structures
  • Modernization measures during ongoing operations, without impairing delivery capability
  • Creation of a sustainable and attractive working environment
  • Compensation of CO2 emissions caused by building materials and construction methods


  • Network analysis to optimize delivery times and increase the service level
  • Design of a globally applicable template for SAP EWM for manual warehouses
  • Creation of sustainable building and logistical structures
  • Automation of the logistic processes
  • Detailed migration planning

Focus on New Work for logistics

In connection with the modernization of the logistics, the redesign of the picking workstations was the main focus. By switching to goods-to-person, the workplaces could be designed ergonomically and sustainably. Furthermore, an extensive shortening of the walking distances could be achieved.


The go-live of the high-bay warehouse is an important milestone in our logistics strategy. Despite the uncertain delivery times and the rising costs since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we have managed to complete the project within the cost and time frame. In this, io is an important and reliable partner for us.

Matthias Wehle Head of Logistics at Häfele
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