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Unleash new dimensions of efficiency with io, your factory design partner.
With our own specialized tools and methods, our inhouse experts help you develop and manage your green and brownfield projects in a wide variety of industries.

We have a proven track record of successful projects that demonstrate our expertise and holistic approach. Let’s optimize your production processes together.

  • Forward-thinking plant structure planning: develop scalable and efficient processes and structures for your production
  • Innovative value stream design: maximize efficiency by optimizing value creation as well as material and information flows
  • Seamless automation: integrate state-of-the-art technologies to create highly productive production and logistics
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Andreas Schäfer
Business Unit Manager Factory Design

Added value with holistic factory design from io

Customized factory design to increase your efficiency


Flexible and sustainable solutions for long-term corporatedevelopment


Flexibility and adaptability to meet all future challenges


Innovative tools for 3D planning, dimensioning and simulation


Efficient use of resources to optimize costs and increase profitability


All experts under the same roof: production, logistics, SAP/IT, architecture and project management


Our offer: tailor-made solutions for your factory

At io, we believe that every factory is unique. Our experienced experts work closely with our in-house architects and IT specialists to develop a comprehensive factory design that measures up to your most demanding needs.


Value stream mapping and design

Our detailed value stream mapping identifies bottlenecks and potential for optimizing your production and logistics processes. The resulting customized value stream design will ensure that your material and information flows are designed for optimal efficiency.


Interactive concept planning

We hold workshops to develop the ideal layout based on your target processes  that represents your vision of an efficient and flexible production environment. Thoughtful real-life layout planning ensures that you achieve your goals while taking into account practical feasibility.


Automation concepts

We help you integrate state-of-the-art automation technologies into your factory – using robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies to increase quality and efficiency in your production processes.


Plant structure and layout planning

We use innovative plant structure planning to design scalable and flexible production environments. Whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield project, our solutions are designed to optimize and future-proof your manufacturing capabilities.


Support all the way to completion

Our work is not limited to concept planning or detailed design. We will guide you through all phases of bidding and contracting, implementation, and successful production ramp-up to ensure that our solutions fully meet your requirements.


Value stream based approach to factory design

Mock up whitepaper Value stream based approach to factory design

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A building expansion is required to meet increasing demand in a make-to-order production system with strong seasonal fluctuations. How can this be planned in a systematic and sustainable way?

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